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Our Story

The BBOP Center, founded by the Time for Change Foundation.The Black and Brown Opportunities for Profit Center eliminates racial and gender systemic inequity by providing a protected environment where women entrepreneurs have access to what’s needed to build, grow, and scale profitable businesses.

The new B-BOP Center would positively impact and contribute to the goals of TFCF which include building up communities through quality education and training programs, housing assistance, employment programs, political advocacy, civic engagement, effective family reunification programs, and so much more. TFCF already offers a wide range of incredible life-changing services, and the B-BOP Center is just the latest trailblazing project to be initiated by this dynamic duo Kim Carter and Vanessa Perez.  We are so excited to get the B-BOP Center up and going, to improve the diversity of future business leaders, and to help overcome the significant economic and societal barriers that women of color face today.