Kim Carter


Kim Carter is the Founder and Ambassador of Time for Change Foundation. Today she is a powerful leader for transforming the lives of those impacted by poverty, marginalization, and recidivism. In 2002, she started Time for Change Foundation for previously incarcerated homeless women and quickly created additional housing for those women with their children. As a thriving entrepreneur for the past 21 years she created a plethora of evidence-based programs and services in addition to the full housing continuum which include 3 emergency shelters, 13 permanent supportive housing units and developing her first affordable housing project the Phoenix Square.  The agency’s budget has grown 500% since its humble beginnings in 2002 with current annual revenues exceeding 7 million dollars.

In 2017 Kim was certified as a Gallup’s Strength Coach and is currently the President/ CEO of the Center for Housing Advancement and Motivational Projects (CHAMP) whereby social service agencies, nonprofit organizations, law enforcement and medical professionals receive training on a variety of subjects related to service delivery. Also, listed on Compass Point’s Coaches of Color Directory. 

In 2010, Kim created the Center for Housing Advancement and Motivational Projects, LLC whereby she conducts training, motivational speeches, and technical assistance for professional organizations wishing to expand their capacity to incorporate performance driven results. Using her passion, history of incarceration and drive she created opportunities to assist governmental and nonprofits with scaling and strengthening their agency’s capacity to demonstrate performance, collect evidence and market those results for greater community impact and investment.

In 2022, Kim was inspired to create BBOP as The Black and Brown Opportunities for Profit (BBOP) Center (10,000 sq. ft). We are creating the BBOP Hub, where black and brown women can access capital, information, technology, and networks needed to build, grow, and scale investable businesses. We have truly created a system that works for us diverting dealing with systemic racism and inequality.  

Kim is the also the author of Waking Up to My Purpose- a memoir highlighting her extraordinary life and Invisible Bars- Barriers to Women’s Health and Well-Being During and After Incarceration

A report which provides a road map for addressing issues of incarceration. Kim’s notable achievements are numerous, and some include: 

  • Dreamers, Visionaries and Leaders – Lifetime Achievement Award 
  • California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation – Committed Efforts & Outstanding Contributions to the Gender Responsive Adult & Juvenile Female Offenders Conference -The Power of One Award 
  • James Irvine Leadership Award
  • Rialto Mayor’s 2018 Jewel Award
  • Ebony Power 100 – Top Influential African Americans 
  • Top 10 CNN Heroes Award
  • The Urban Philanthropy Institute “2016 She’s the Change Award” For Exceptional Leadership”
  • NAACP Local Hero Award 
  • Business Woman of the Year – National Association of Women Business Owners 
  • KCET Television/Washington Mutual – Unsung Hero Award

Vanessa Perez


Vanessa Perez began her journey with Time for Change Foundation as an intern in 2012. With years under the leadership of Founder, Kim Carter, her leadership was developed, and she stepped into the role of the organization’s Executive Director. In this position, Vanessa’s focus is to support the implementation of the Foundation’s strategic plans and policies, and to provide leadership and management to the TFCF and other technical staff in the areas of planning, programming, fund development, marketing, and administration. Vanessa has obtained a Master’s in Business Administration from California Baptist University and bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from California State University San Bernardino. Vanessa is an active volunteer in her community through her involvement in her local church, The Way World Outreach seeks to be an agent for change in her community promoting equity for all individuals. Through her work at Time for Change Foundation, Vanessa is living out her passion of empowering women to use their voice to create change. In 2014, she completed the Women’s Foundation of California’s Solis Policy Institute which equipped her with skills to navigate the California legislative process and influence decision makers to create policies that better the quality of life in her local community and for all Californians. Vanessa has been a recipient of many awards including the 40th Assembly District Women of Distinction Award, Assemblymember Eloise Reyes District 47’s “30 under 30” Leadership Award, Molina Healthcare’s Community Champion Award, and the Inspiration Leader Award – Center for Non-Profit Management. 

Dr. Roberto Cordero

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Roberto Cordero (“Roberto”) serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Black and Brown Opportunities for Profit (BBOP) Center.  As the COO, Dr. Cordero is responsible for the overall management of the Center’s operations, administration of programs, new projects, staff, and the facility.  

Roberto’s career development comprises more than 30 years in leadership roles in diverse industries, including Marketing, Higher Education, and Restaurant Operations at the regional and divisional levels.  His marketing expertise includes developing strategic marketing plans for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses leading to the development of brands that are now in various markets nationwide.

Roberto earned a Bachelor of Science degree and Doctorate degree, both from University of Phoenix, and an MBA degree from University of Redlands, all of which majored in Business Administration.  As a lifelong learner, Roberto is always looking out for developing new knowledge that can assist others in advancing their own leadership skills and careers.  As a prior educator, Roberto worked with students from diverse backgrounds, career objectives, and personalities, all of which provided him with a different perspective of the new generational approaches to organizational leadership.

As a transformational/servant leader, Roberto strongly believes that the best legacy that one can leave generations to come is condensed in the motto, “True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” (Ziad K. Abdelnour).  Roberto is a fervent advocate for diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion.

Kima Russell

Executive Director

Kima Russell is the Director of the Black & Brown Opportunities for Profit Center (BBOP). In this role she provides oversight of the BBOP Academy, and all aspects related to the overall operation of the BBOP Center.

Kima brings over 25 years of professional experience including her roles as a Realtor/Entrepreneur, Mortgage Loan Officer, Pre-underwriting Manager, Project Manager, Operations Manager, Director of Operations and V.P. of Operations/ International Relations. She has extensive experience in start up operations and building businesses from the ground up. She works with clients navigating their needs, amplifying their communications, and connecting people so they can make an influential impact in their families, relationships, and communities.

Kima has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business management and Master of Science degree in psychology from Grand Canyon University. She is a lifelong learner who enjoys teaching others. Her passion is to share inspiring, transformative and actionable messages and tools to encourage and inspire personal growth. She believes that we are all here for a reason, and that there is a plan and purpose for our lives. Kima is an active member of the community, volunteering her time to organizations that empower woman and girls. Her personal passions include travel, hiking with her dog Stella, gardening, photography and painting. She loves spending time with her husband and their three beautiful daughters.

Twynisha Pete

Operations Manager

Twynisha Pete is a seasoned Operations Manager at BBOP Center with over two decades of management expertise spanning the public and private sectors. Specializing in compliance, process improvement, and program outcomes, she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to operational excellence. Twynisha’s leadership is characterized by the creation of inclusive environments that drive societal change through innovation.

Academically accomplished, Twynisha holds a Bachelor of Science, a Master’s in Education, and a graduate certificate in nonprofit management. Her dedication to continuous learning and personal growth underscores her proficiency in navigating complex challenges and implementing strategic solutions.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Twynisha is an active volunteer for causes supporting women and children, aligning her passions for travel, cooking, and nurturing young minds. Her multifaceted approach reflects a commitment to community enrichment and personal betterment, leaving a positive legacy within and beyond the BBOP Center. Twynisha Pete’s holistic leadership style and diverse skill set position her as a valuable asset in any organizational setting, contributing to both operational success and community impact.